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Country of Manufacture:
Year: 1978
Vin #: VE 074153 (US models had matching frame and engine #’s)
Frame: Duplex cradle-Lino Tonti  designed tubular steel frame with removable lower section
   Front: Telescopic forks incorporating Sebac sealed
               hydraulic dampers
   Rear: Swinging fork with twin Marzocchi shock
              absorbers and externally adjustable springs
Wheels:  FPS cast alloy-front and rear
Brakes:  Integrated braking system :
       Front : Brembo twin hydraulic 300mm drilled disks
       Rear : Brembo single  hydraulic 242mm drilled disk
Weight (dry):  198 kg. (435lb)
Tank Capacity:  22.5 Litres (5 gal)
Horsepower:  81 HP SAE @ 7600 rpm
Gearbox: 5 speed
    Type: 4 stroke
    Cylinders: 2 cylinder, 90 degree
    Cylinder Head: Light alloy
    Displacement: 844 cc
    Compression Ratio: 10.2:1
    Clutch: Dry multi disk
    Primary Drive: By gears
    Secondary Drive: Shaft with cush-drive wheel            .
    Carburetors: 2 Dell’Orto type PHF 36B
    Exhaust System: Lafranconi
Top Speed:  125 mph

History/Production: The original Le Mans and almost identical, revised Series 1 models have been described as styling "miracles". The aggressive styling and compact dimensions make it undoubtedly one of the great sporting motorcycles of the 1970’s.  In the world of motorcycles, the early LeMans models are widely considered masterpieces.  A total of 7335 Le Mans 1’s were built between 1978 and 1981.  These followed the 7036 built of the almost identical first series model known simply as the “Le Mans”.  Specifically, the most visible of these differences were an improved seat, a different rear fender with rectangular taillight and the color choice was expanded beyond the original red or light blue/grey color schemes to include a white option. Minor changes were made to the instruments and surrounding housing and a plastic cover was introduced to hide the unsightly solenoid.   Series 11 models onwards have angular fairings and are significantly different in appearance.

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