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Country of Manufacture:
Year: 1975
Vin #: MV750221044
Frame: Steel tubes, double cradle
Front: Ceriani hydraulic telescopic fork
Rear: Swinging arm and spring loading adjusting hydraulic shock absorbers
Magni: Rear: Swinging arm with Sebac hydraulic shock absorbers
     Production Version: Borrani alloy rims with spokes
     Magni Version: Gold tone light alloy rims
Brakes: Production Version:
     Front: Scarab double disk hydraulic
     Rear: Central drum internal expanding shoe
Brakes, Magni Version:
     Front: Scarab double disk hydraulic
     Rear : Brembo single disk hydraulic
Weight (dry):       230 kg. (507lb)
Tank Capacity:   23 Litres (5.2 gal)
Horsepower:   86 HP SAE
Torque:   6.62 kgm @ 7500 rpm
Gearbox:  5 speed
    Type: 4 stroke
    Cylinders: Transverse inline 4
    Cylinder Head: Light alloy
    Displacement :789.7 cc
    Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
    RPM Peak Rating: 8500
    Timing System: 2 overhead camshafts, gear operated
    Clutch: Multi disk
    Secondary Drive:
          Production Version :Drive shaft on rear hub.
          Magni Version: Chain and sprocket final drive with
                                       strengthened swing arm.
    Carburetors: Four Dell’Orto VHB 26
    Exhaust System:
          Production Version: 4 exhaust pipes & 4 mufflers
          Magni Version: Formula 750 Magni exhaust pipes
                                       and mufflers
Top Speed :  135 mph

Production:  The original objective was to build 200 units although it is widely believed that far fewer were actually built.  With a base model price of $6000 when new (over double that of nearest competitors) this limited number is not surprising. Arturo Magni headed up the MV Agusta racing department and his high performance conversion comprised a chain and sprocket final drive, a stout replacement swing arm and braced frame, rear disk brake and the Formula 750 performance exhaust system. Only a handful (exact number unknown but believed less than 20) received the Magni treatment.

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