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Country Of Manufacture: Italy     Vin #: 0427
Model Type: 2 Door Coupe
Body Designer: Pinin Farina
Engine: Ferrari Colombo V12 (2951.21cc)
Horsepower: 220 bhp at 7000 rpm
Torque: 195 lb. ft
Transmission: Ferrari 4-speed
Front- Independent, unequal A arms, coil springs, Houdaille shock absorbers, anti roll bar.
Rear- Live axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs, Houdaille shock absorbers, and four trailing arms.
Front- Drum, hydraulic
Rear- Drum, hydraulic
Top Speed: 130 mph

History: Two series of Europa’s were built and though very similar in outward appearances, in reality they were distinctly different from one another. The second series Europa known as the Europa GT is generally conceded to be the first production Ferrari. These second series cars were built on a shortened wheelbase (2600cm Vs 2800cm) making for a lighter, more compact and elegant package. This shortened wheelbase was made possible by substituting the lighter, short block Colombo engine in place of the heavier, long block Lampredi engine. Horsepower output for the two engines was identical. The front suspension was extensively revised by replacing the transverse leaf front suspension with a more modern coil spring arrangement. Ferrari also rearranged the tubing on the frame, running the rear main tubes, big massive affairs, up and over the rear axles instead of underneath. These and other details found in the Europa GT created a car of noticeably superior handling, and it gave an entirely new character to the Europa series.

Production: There were 35 Europa GT’s built. The first car, chassis # 0357 was introduced at the Paris Salon in 1954 and the last car, the car shown here, chassis # 0427, was shown at the Brussels Auto Show in January 1956. This car has limited European race history.

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