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Country of Manufacture:
Year: 1967
Vin #: Frame & Engine: T120bTT DU54226
Frame: Steel tubes. Single loop except for twin tube cradle beneath engine unit.
   Front: Telescopic forks with gaiters
   Rear:  Pivoted fork with twin dampers
Wheels: Chrome steel rims with spokes
  Front: 8” full width single leading shoe.
  Rear: 7” Girling offset single leading shoe
Weight (dry):  300 lb (136.1 kg)  30 lbs less than standard street Bonneville
Tank Capacity:  3 gal (US), 2.5 gal (UK), 11.4 Litres
Horsepower:   54  hp @ 6200 rpm
Gearbox:   Triumph 4 speed close ratio
    Type: 4 stroke
    Cylinders: 2 OHV vertical twin
    Cylinder Head: Light alloy                            
     Displacement: 649 cc
     Compression Ratio: 12.1 (1963), changed to more
          accurate 11:1 (1964-67)
    Ignition: Alternator coils wired in series with ignition
          coils-energy transfer ET system obviating need for
          a battery
    Clutch: Multi plate, wet
    Primary & Final Drive: Chain and sprocket
    Carburetors:  2 Amal Monobloc 1 3/16”
    Exhaust System:1963-64: Straight pipes with extensions
          (no muffler).1965-67:   Open “Shorty” down-swept
          pipes finishing under crankcase-no mufflers
Top Speed: 120 mph (193 kmh)

Production/History: The TT was a “stripped” lightweight competition version of the Bonneville.  It was immediately successful in both off road and track racing and described at the time as a “kick ass, take no prisoners 2 wheeled bullet”-they were the bikes to beat!  The unique specifications dictated to the factory by the Johnson Bros. dealership of Pasadena “JoMo” were: high compression motor with Hepolite pistons and hotter “Q” camshafts, close ration gearbox and twin  1 3/16” Amal Monoblock carburetors. To lighten the bike, various street equipment was deleted such as the battery, lights, and speedometer.  Although the first “TT’s” appeared in 1963, they were not numbered specifically as TT’s until mid 1966. Further changes over the 5 year production period were: 1965: alloy fenders added, 1966 smaller “slimline” 2.5 gallon tanks introduced, 1967 stainless steel fenders introduced.  Tank colors were either aubergine with white, or aubergine with gold, both with gold pinstripes
Total production : 3500 (est)

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