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1966 Shelby Mustang

Country of Manufacture: USA    Vin #: SFM 6S 766
Model Type: 2 Door Fastback Coupe
Body Designer: Joe Oros with L. David Ash, Gale Haldeman, John Foster
Engine: Ford 289 High Performance V8 “K” code engine (4736cc)
Horsepower: 306 bhp at 6000 rpm
Torque: 329 lb at 4200 rpm
Transmission: Borg-Warner T-10M Manual 4 speed
FRONT- Independent short & long arm with drag strut, ball joints, high mounted coil springs and anti-roll bar.
REAR - Live axle, Hotchkiss drive with semi-elliptical leaf and torque reaction arms
FRONT - Hydraulic, caliper front disc
REAR- Drums, self-adjusting
Top Speed: 124 mph

History: The 1966 Shelby Mustang was the second year in the 3 year production span of Shelby Mustangs actually built by Shelby American in El Segundo CA.  From 1968 on, production was moved to A.O Smith Corp. of Ionia MI under the direct supervision of the Ford Motor Company.  The 1966 model was almost identical to the 1965 model. External changes were few comprising the replacement of the louvered rear quarter window cover with a clear Perspex window insert and the addition of brake cooling, fiber glass air scoops mounted to the bodywork ahead of the rear wheel wells. Cabin changes were also minimal with different door panels and seat inserts and because Ford had now accommodated an oil pressure gauge into the 1966 instrument cluster, a single tachometer gauge was now mounted atop the center dash. The 1965-67 Shelby Mustangs had numerous internal engine upgrades but those visible in the engine compartment included sand cast aluminum “Cobra” intake manifold, finned valve covers and deep sump oil pan and steel tube headers. For extra stiffening Shelby installed a triangulated stamped steel brace connecting the firewall to the modified shock tower braces as well as a tubular steel Monte Carlo brace transcending the engine bay and connecting the 2 sides of the inner engine compartment. The 1966-67 cars also had an engine block color change from black to Ford blue.  As an early 1966 model, this particular car has “over-rider” traction bars and a full aluminum transmission case (later 1966 models had a combination alloy/cast iron or a full cast iron case). Optional 14” Shelby cast aluminum 10 spoke wheels complete the visual package.

Production: A total of 2378 Shelby Mustangs were built in 1966.  All were Fastbacks except for 4 experimental convertibles reputedly built for friends of Carroll Shelby.

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