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Country of Manufacture:
Switzerland     Vin #: TNT101
Model Type: 2 Door Coupe
Body Designer: Fissore (Trevor Fiore)
Engine: Chrysler Hemi 7 Liter V8 (6974cc)
Horsepower: 450 bhp
Torque: 490 lb at 4000 rpm
Transmission: ZF 5-Speed
Front- Independent, wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar, adjustable telescopic dampers
Rear- de Dion axle, Watts transverse linkage bar, twin trailing arms, coil springs, anti-roll bar, adjustable telescopic dampers
Front- ATE Vented discs
Rear- ATE Vented discs mounted inboard
Top Speed: 180 mph (0-60 mph = 4.9 secs)

History: Peter Monteverdi constructed his first car when he was 17 years old. While still in his early twenties he formed his own racing team, MBM (Monteverdi Binningen Motors), and he competed successfully in many international events, piloting his own cars. A near fatal crash in a Porsche powered Formula 1MBM ended his racing career. In the early sixties, Monteverdi developed a very successful business distributing Ferraris, Lancia, BMW and Rolls Royce. However, following a disagreement with Enzo Ferrari, at age 33, he decided to design and build his own Gran Turismo. The Hai (mid engined supercar) is one of several Monteverdi models owned by this enthusiast over the years including the first GT car, the 2 seater 375S, the second series 2 seater, the 375SS, 375L (2+2), and the 4 door sedans, the 375/4 and Sierra. Peter Monteverdi died in 1998 at age 65 years.

Production: First shown with great success at the 1970 Geneva Auto Show, the Hai was intended to be a "halo" car to draw attention to the 375 series of Monteverdi GT’s. This particular car is the prototype show car. Initially only 2 cars were built. The second car #102 called the 450GTS had a slightly longer wheelbase. Although Monteverdi received many requests for Hai’s, he refused to build them, believing them to be too powerful for the inexperienced driver. The Hai had a claimed top speed of 180 mph. Automobile Quarterly magazine achieved 176 mph before running out of road, while Road Test magazine recorded 0-60 in 4.7 secs. Today there are a total of 4 Hai’s. The original two plus two more built by Monteverdi in the early 1990’s from left over parts. Of the 4 cars, this is the only example outside the Monteverdi museum where the other 3 are housed. It is also the only example with the "Hemi" engine.

The Hai was restored in 2006 back to its original 1970 Geneva Auto Show exterior color scheme of "Purple Smoke" (as originally described by Peter Monteverdi and also found underneath more recent resprays) and chrome windshield and side glass moldings. The interior was returned to off-white door panels with chrome embellishment strips and black armrests, black engine cover (and surrounding panels) and black carpets. The dash and center console were returned to their original configuration with the installation of the original Behr A/C vents, Blaupunkt Koln radio, original gearshift knob, steering wheel and horn button.

The Hai has been shown at Pebble Beach twice: 1989 and again in 2006 placing 3rd in the "Mid Engined Show Cars, Prototypes & Concept Cars" class. Both Pebble Beach color schemes are shown here: copper metallic with tan interior in 1989 and "purple smoke" with white and black interior in 2006"

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Recently restored to its
original Geneva Show
purple color scheme
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