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Country of Manufacture:
Italy     Vin #: 1044
Model Type: 2 Door Convertible
Body Designer: Pininfarina (Francesco Martinengo)
Engine: Aluminum V6 (2452cc)
Horsepower: 110 bhp
Torque: 133.5 lb. at 300 rpm
Transmission: Rear mounted 4-Speed transaxle
Front- Independent, coil springs, and internal hydraulic dampers (sliding pillar)
Rear- de Dion rigid axle, semi-elliptic springs and Panhard rod
Front- Drum
Rear- Inboard mounted drums
Top Speed: 108 mph

History: Produced for one year only (1955), the Spyder was designed primarily for the US market. Considered one of Pininfarina’s greatest designs the distinctive features included the wrap-around windscreen and low-cut doors requiring removable, Plexiglas side curtains. The Spyder uses essentially the same drive train used in the technically innovative and highly regarded B20 coupe (although few parts are interchangeable). Lancia created the first V6 and this, combined with a rear transaxle made this model very advanced for the time. This particular car has Borrani’s, the rare Nardi Kit upgrade including a special Nardi manifold and camshaft and twin Weber 40 DCL5 downdraft carburetors. This car is one of 20 made fitted with a Carrozzeria Fontana removable aluminum hardtop.

Production: A total of 240 Spyders were made including 7 that were lost with the sinking of the Andrea Doria. The Spyder was followed by the far more numerous Convertible, which has less voluptuous fenders, traditional windshield with wind wings and windup side glass.

This car was exhibited at Pebble Beach in 2005.

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