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1973 Kawasaki Z1

Country of Manufacture:
Year: 1973
Vin #:  Z1F12728
Frame: Double tubular steel cradle
Front: 36mm Telescopic Forks
Rear: Swing arm, Dual Shock, 5-way pre-load adjustment
Wheels: Chrome plated rims with spokes
Front: Single 296 mm disk with 2 piston caliper
Rear: Single leading shoe 200 mm drum
Weight (dry): 230 kg. (507 lb)
Tank Capacity:  18.0 Litres (4.75 gal)
Horsepower:  82 bhp @ 8500rpm
Gearbox: 5 speed, constant mesh, return shift
Type: Air cooled 4 stroke
Cylinders: Transverse 4 cylinder
Cylinder Head: Alloy DOHC  2 valves per cylinder
Displacement: 903 cc
Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
Ignition: Electric and kick
Timing System: 2 overhead camshafts, chain driven
Clutch: Multi disk, wet plate
Primary Drive: gear               .
Carburetors: 4  x Mikuni VM 28 mm
Exhaust System: 4 silencers
Top Speed : 135 mph
Production/History: Although development of Kawasaki’s 4 cylinder, dual camshaft engine was almost complete when Honda brought out its 4 cylinder CB750 in 1969, Kawasaki delayed introduction of its response until after Honda had proved that a market for such a large Japanese motorcycle actually existed.  When introduction finally occurred in late 1972 as a 1972/73 model, the Kawasaki Z1 had no equal. The Z1 had a larger 4 cylinder engine (903cc vs Honda’s 736cc) and twin camshafts to handle the extra power (vs Honda’s single). Bodywork styling was equally impressive and set new design standards with its sleek tapered fuel tank, “duck tail” rear fender arrangement and 4 exhausts with mufflers angled upward.   While the frame provided good handling and cornering, it was generally considered that “at the limits”, the engine technology was more advanced than that of the chassis which had to cope with such a powerful engine.  Highly collectible, the 1973 Kawasaki Z1, is the most valued Kawasaki road bike to date.

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