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1959 Jaguar XK 150 ("Resto Mod")

Country of Manufacture: England    Vin #: S835225
Model Type: 2 Door Coupe
Body Designer: William Lyons
Engine: In line 6 cylinder, twin cam, 3442 cc.  This car: Type 4.2 liter 4235 cc
Horsepower: Standard 265 bhp at 5500 rpm. This car: 295+ bhp
Torque: 260+ lb at 4500 rpm
Transmission: 4 speed manual with overdrive. This car: T5 Borg Warner 5 Speed manual gearbox
FRONT- Independent with double wishbones, longitudinal torsion bars & telescopic dampers
REAR - Live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs & lever arm dampers
FRONT - Dunlop disc brakes. This car: XJ6 disc brakes
REAR- Dunlop disc brakes
Weight: 3131 lbs (1420 kg)
Top Speed: 135+ mph

History: The XK 150 was the final evolution of the ground breaking XK 120 that was launched in 1949.  There was an interim model, the XK140 that followed in 1954. Except for a different roof line and heavier bumpers, from the outside it still looked very similar to the XK 120. However, the single most important change was not visible. By moving the engine and firewall forward 3” on the chassis, the criticism of limited cockpit room was finally addressed.  This not only provided extra legroom for the driver but because of the combination of more interior space and a bigger less rounded roof line, the XK 140 became a 2+2 with the addition of rear occasional seats. For its final iteration, the XK 150 of 1957 revealed major changes that were both visual and performance enhancing. The exterior design was modernized by featuring a curved one piece windshield, a larger rear windscreen and the de-emphasization of the flowing, pre-war influenced front and rear fenders. Mechanically, the most important upgrade was the addition of four wheel disc brakes to better cope with the increased power that came with the larger capacity 3.8 liter engines and triple carburetor “S” options.

This XK150 “Resto Mod” was built by Predator Racing of Florida. The chassis was separated from the body and rebuilt from the ground up. A 4.2 liter Jaguar motor was sourced and modified to include triple SU carburetors, big valve heads, new rods and pistons, sport cams, electronic ignition, upgraded oil filter and starter, headers and exhaust system with Flowmaster’s.  This work bumped the horsepower rating up from the standard 265 bhp to approximately 295 bhp. Other upgrades included a T5 Borg Warner 5 speed transmission, a new wiring harness, oil cooler and a large aluminum radiator with electric fan.  Heavier duty XJ6 front brakes, shocks and rear springs completed the package. For touring comfort, a very effective air conditioning system was integrated into the cabin.

Production: Total production all XK150 models: 9395 comprising 2263 OTS Roadsters (Open Two Seats), 2682 DNC Convertibles (Drop Head Coupe), 4450 FHC Coupes (Fixed head Coupe).

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