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1957 Ferrari 250 GT "Low Roof" Boano

Country of Manufacture: Italy    Vin #: 0673
Model Type: 2 Door Coupe
Body Designer: Boano
Engine: Ferrari Colombo V12 (2953 cc)
Horsepower: 240 bhp at 7000 rpm
Torque: 193 lbs.ft at 5000 rpm
Transmission: 4-speed
FRONT- Independent, unequal length A arms, coil springs, Houdaille shock absorbers, anti roll bar.
REAR - Live axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs located by parallel trailing arms, Houdaille shock absorbers.
FRONT - Aluminum Drum, hydraulic
REAR- Aluminum Drum, hydraulic
Top Speed: 157 mph

History: Following on from the Europa GT, the Boano used an improved version of the same Colombo 250 motor and also utilized the same track and 2600cm chassis. However, instead of the more bulbous exterior of the Europa GT, the Boano had a tauter profile with a sleek long hood, a squared off trunk and a “chopped” roof, hence the moniker “low roof”. This roof line styling set the Boano apart from the later but similarly bodied “Ellena” with its stately high roof and quarter window delete.  While the Boano was a PininFarina design, due to construction at the PininFarina factory and after building just 6 cars, coachbuilding was outsourced to Boano, who were known for the superb quality of their work. The exact same chassis and drive train used for the Boano’s was also used for the extremely successful “Tour De France” TDF sports race cars but their lightweight alloy bodies were completely different and built by Scaglietti.

Production: There were 63 Boano 250 GT’s built. This particular car is the second to last built and was one of just three to have side vents in the front fenders. According to Ferrari historian, Mario Massini fewer than 40 survive today.  This is likely because during the 1980’s and early 1990’s before Boano’s were collectible, their chassis and drivetrains became donors for Tour De France and LWB Spyder California replicas.

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