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DUCATI 900 SS (Super Sport) - [Square Case]

Country of Manufacture:
Year: 1978
Vin #: DM860SS087548
Frame: Steel tubes with engine as stressed member
Front: Marzocchi telescopic forks 
Rear: Swing arm with Marzocchi dual shock absorbers with 5 way spring pre-load
Wheels: Borrani alloy rims with spokes
Brakes: Production Version:
    Front: Brembo twin hydraulic disk
    Rear: Brembo single hydraulic disk
Weight (dry):
188.7 kg. (416lb)
Tank Capacity: 16.5 Litres (4.4 gal)
Horsepower: 67 bhp @ 7500rpm
Gearbox: 5 speed
Type: 4 stroke
Cylinders: 2 cylinder: longitudinal  V twin
Cylinder Head: Light alloy Desmodromic design
Displacement: 864 cc
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Ignition: Bosch Electronic
Timing System: 2 overhead camshafts, gear operated
Clutch: Multi disk
Primary Drive: Chain and sprocket               .
Carburetors:  Standard: 2 Dell’Orto PHF 32mm
                          Upgrade Kit: 2 Dell’Orto PHM 40mm
Exhaust System: Standard:  2 Lafranconi mufflers
                                    (Silentium’s fitted to late 1979 models)
                                Upgrade Kit:   2 Conti  mufflers
Top Speed: 131.5 mph

History/Production: The 900 SS “Square Case” series was a further development of the highly collectable 750 SS “Round Case” (aka “green frame”) model that immediately preceded it.  Production ran 1975-1982 with a total of 5433 examples being built (984 in 1978) .  Minor upgrades were made in 1976 /1977 but 1978 was most significant as many criticisms were finally addressed.  Specifically, the change from the troublesome Ducati Electtrotecnica ignition system to the far more reliable Bosch system, was highly praised.  Also, a factory upgrade kit comprising Dell’Orto PHN 40mm carburetors and Conti performance mufflers became available. The 1978 model is widely considered the “best of the 900 SS breed”. This is due not only to the transition to Bosch ignition but also because it was the last year of the early silver/blue color combination, the last year for Borrani spoke wheels, and that from 1979 on, new government regulations mandated new safety features be added (more weight) that created a more cluttered appearance that negatively impacted the model’s “purity of character”. The bike is currently fitted with the optional single seat and Imola tank although both the standard twin seat and gas tank remain with the bike.

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