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Country of Manufacture:
Year: 1963
Vin #: Frame: GA10 1416, Engine: DA10R 10127
Frame:Steel tubes, duplex cradle. Modified Goldstar Single frame without  kink in the right tube
FRONT:  BSA Goldstar Telescopic forks with gaiters, twin coil springs and hydraulic damping  
REAR:   Swinging fork with 2 adjustable Girling hydraulically damped spring units
Standard: Tourer (standard): Steel with spokes
Clubman (performance): Dunlop alloy rims with spokes
FRONT: Tourer (standard): 8” drum offset to one side
Clubman (performance): Full width alloy hub
  with 199mm brake
REAR: 7” drum offset to one side in crinkle finish hub
Weight (dry): 315 lb (143 kg)
Tank Capacity: 6 gal (US), 5 gal (UK), 22.3 Litres
Horsepower:46 hp @ 6250 rpm (50 HP with Goldstar race exhaust)
Tourer (standard): T gearbox  4 speed
Clubman (performance): RRT2 close ratio 4 speed
Type: 4 stroke (Final form of the BSA pre-unit twin)
Cylinders: 2
Cylinder Head: Light alloy                            
Displacement : 646 cc
Compression Ratio: 9:1
Ignition: Lucas race style magneto
Clutch: Multi disk
Primary & Final Drive: Chain
Carburetors: 1 Amal Monobloc
Exhaust System: Siamese 2 into 1
Top Speed: 115 mph (125 mph with racing exhaust)

History/Production:The Rocket Goldstar is one of the rarest and most collectible British sport bikes with only 1584 being built (incl.    272 Scramblers). This is because, unlike the Goldstar Single which was made for 14 years (1949-1963), the Rocket Goldstar was built for less than 2 years (1962-63). Initially built to use up the remaining Pre-unit Twin engines immediately prior to the 1962 introduction of the Unit twins, it became a “collectible” quite by accident. By combining a modified Goldstar Single frame and front forks with a higher compression version of the Super Rocket Pre-unit Twin engine, a “superbike” was created.

This particular motorcycle is a full Clubman performance model with clip-ons, RRT2 close ratio gearbox, 199mm front brake and alloy rims.

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