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Country of Manufacture:
Germany     Vin #: 084285
Model Type: 2 Door Coupe
Body Designer: Erwin Komenda
Engine: Carrera 2 Type 587/1 4 Cylinder (1966cc) horizontally apposed engine
Horsepower: (DIN) 130 bhp, (SAE) 152 bhp at 6200 rpm
Torque: 112 lb at 5000 rpm
Transmission: 4-Speed gearbox
Front- Independent, double oscillating arms, square section torsion bars, telescopic shock absorbers.
Rear- Independent, swing axles, round section torsion bars, telescopic shock absorbers
Front- ATE (Dunlop) discs
Rear- ATE (Dunlop) discs
Top Speed: 130 mph

History: The first car with the Porsche name debuted in Gmund, Austria in 1948 and was built using a space frame and given model type number 356. The next car, representative of all 356’s that followed, was built using a sheet metal platform chassis and given model type number 356/2. Production moved to Stuttgart, Germany in 1949. Initially, the 356 used Volkswagen front and rear suspension, wheels, brakes, transmission and engine (but with two carburetors instead of one). Engines were progressively modified (initially with Porsche designed heads) until eventually the engine became a Porsche proprietary product. Apart from the first 30 odd cars built in-house, all Porsche 356 bodies were built by outside coach builders beginning with Beutler of Switzerland, Tatra of Czechoslovakia, Kastenhofer of Austria, D’Ieteren of Belgium and Reutter, Drauz and Karmann of Germany.

This particular car is unique and is documented as the first Porsche ever restored at Porsche's internal classic garage. Wilhelm JakobWisdorf, a German pharmacist who had a close relationship with Porsche Werk in Stuttgart, commissioned the conversion. In the early 1990’s, the car passed on to world champion rally driver Walter Rohl who is still employed as a development driver for Porsche in Stuttgart. In 1976 the factory disassembled the car, fitted a 356/T6 front clip and sent the entire body to Leutze to be galvanized, as became common practice with the later 911 series. A Carrera 2 engine with twin oil coolers was fitted, along with ATE disc brakes from the last 356/T6 series. Custom made, wider Rudge wheels were specialy built to accomodate disc brakes, better fill out the wheel wells, and provide better handling. The interior was redone and fitted with custom, high backed seats. The car has 2 engines. For practical daily driving, a modified 140 bhp 2.2 liter Type 4 engine is installed. The Wellington rebuilt Carrera 2 engine is kept for eventual reinstallation.

Production: In total 79,218 Porsche 356’s of all types were built. Production ceased April 28th, 1965. The 356 range comprised Coupes, Cabriolets, Convertible D’s, Roadsters, Karmann fixed hardtops and Speedsters. There were 4822 Speedsters built between 1954 and 1959. Of this number 149 were Speedster Carrera’s and of these, 71 were stripped Speedster GT’s. The last 25 Speedster GT’s built in 1959 are considered the most desirable of all Speedsters and are even lighter with aluminum doors, deck lids and seat frames.

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