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Country of Manufacture:
Germany     Vin #: 3800102255
Model Type: 4 Door Sedan
Body Designer: NSU in house designers Ewald Praxl and Claus Luthe
Engine: 2 Rotor Wankel (1990cc) driving the front wheels
Horsepower: 128 bhp at 5500 rpm
Torque: 117 lb at 4500 rpm
Transmission: Fichtel and Sachs 3-Speed Semi-automatic with electro-pneumatic clutch actuation
Front- Lower wishbone, MacPherson strut, anti-roll bar
Rear- Independent, trailing arms, coil shock absorbers
Front- 11.2 inch discs mounted inboard
Rear- 10.7 inch discs
Top Speed: 110 mph

History: Up until the 1960’s, NSU was known primarily for its motorcycles, although it had
produced economy cars up until 1930. NSU began economy car production again in 1958 and these cars resembled a smaller version of the Chevy Corvair in both design and use of a rear mounted, air cooled engine. NSU hired Felix Wankel in 1951 with the purpose of further developing the rotary engine for its motorcycles. Continued rotary engine development led to production in 1964 of the world’s first rotary powered car, the NSU Spider. The next car from NSU was the revolutionary RO80 luxury 4 door sedan that was launched at the 1967 Frankfurt Motor Show. Hailed as a "tour de force" for its body design (which still looks current some 34 years later) and its incredibly smooth and silent rotary power, the NSU was destined for great success. So modern was the design that over the 10 year life of the car, the only visible changes were the addition in 1975 of wrap around taillight clusters and rubber faced bumper strips. However, the early cars were plagued with rapid wear of the rotor seals and engines had to be replaced often after just 20,000 miles. The expensive engine warranty program crippled NSU and ultimately resulted in NSU being acquired in 1969 by the Audi division of VW. Production continued under VW auspices and by 1971 engine improvements extended engine life to 60-70,000 miles. However, the damage was done and RO80 sales never recovered from the negative publicity directed at the earlier cars. Production ceased in 1977.

Production: 37,204 examples were built between 1967 and 1977.

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