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Country of Manufacture:
France     Vin #: 4722
Model Type: 2 Door Coupe
Body Designer: Jacques Nocher
Engine: German Ford Taunus V4 17M unit. (1699cc)
Horsepower: 73 bhp. The engine in this particular car has modified camshafts, followers, timing gears, carburetors, and a lightened flywheel. Revised output is estimated to be 100 bhp.
Torque: 97.6 lb. at 2800 rpm is base, unmodified form
Transmission: Ford Taunus model 15M, 4-Speed gearbox. Due to the location of the engine in the rear, the shift pattern is backwards i.e. 1st gear is up and to the right where 3rd would normally be found.
Front- Independent, wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers, anti roll bar
Rear- Independent, trailing arms, coil springs, telescopic dampers, anti roll bar
Front- Hydrokid 9.75 inch discs
Rear- Hydrokid 9.75 inch discs
Top Speed: 109 mph

History: Matra evolved from the original Deutsch-Bonnet concern that, under Rene Bonnet, produced the Djet series of cars. These Renault powered cars were the first mid-engined sports cars, preceding ATS of Italy which, in turn, was years ahead of Ferrari et al. Bonnet eventually sold out to missile and racecar manufacturer Matra, whose first effort was the M530. This particular car is one of two in the USA and has been modified and restored. The engine power output has been increased 25% and the original wheels have been widened to handle wider tires for improved handling and better fill out the wheel wells.

Production: A total of 9690 cars were built in 4 different series. This particular car is from the second series of which 1670 examples were built. This series had larger disc brakes. The third series LX model came with more chrome trim and the fourth series was a stripped down version with non-rotating, fixed position headlights, painted bumpers and minimal chrome.

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