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LANCIA FULVIA (Series 1 1.6HF Fanalone)

Country of Manufacture:
Italy     Vin #: 818340001480
Model Type: 2 Door coupe
Body Designer: Pietro Castagnero
Engine: V4 (1584cc)
Horsepower: 115 bhp at 6000 rpm
Torque: 112.8 lb at 4500 rpm
Transmission: 5-Speed gearbox
Front- Independent by wishbones, transverse leaf, anti- roll bar, telescopic dampers
Rear- Semi- beam axle, elliptics, Panhard Rod, telescopic dampers
Front- Dunlop discs
Rear- Dunlop discs
Top Speed: 112 mph

History: The standard Series coupe was first introduced in 1965 with a 1216cc engine producing 80 bhp. In 1967, the engine was enlarged to 1298cc delivering 87 bhp. The coupes were built in two series. The Series 1 cars are considered more desirable as they preceded the takeover by Fiat, which coincided with the introduction of the Series II with its less expensive and less robust suspension setup.
The limited production HF (High Fidelity) models were developed out of the very successful Rallying program and were stripped of bumpers, had aluminum doors, hood and trunk lids, as well as more powerful engines rated at 88 bhp for the 1.2HF, 101 bhp for the 1.3HF and 115 for the 1.6HF.
This particular car was originally a 1.3HF but has been upgraded by the present owner to 1.6HF specs with the 1584cc engine and 5 speed gearbox. This car also has the "Fanalone" rallying modification so named because of its enormous inner headlamps.

Production: A total of 140,000 Fulvia’s were built comprising of 60,000 Series I and 80,000 Series II between 1965 and 1976. 1258 Series I and 3600 Series II 1.6HF’s were built.

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