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1932 Ford Roadster High Boy "Bruce's Deuce"

Country of Manufacture: USA    Vin #: R18-45482M
Model Type: Roadster High Boy
Body Designer: Edsel Ford & Eugene T. (Bob) Gregorie

Body: Original 1932 “Henry” stock frame and body with rumble seat, firewall, cowl vent and taillights.   Diamond T truck Guide 682C headlights with top mounted parking lights used as turn signals.

Trimmed as original in leather and vinyl in correct ’32 Ford color with complementary color carpets. 1939 Ford “Banjo” steering wheel with 1940’s era turn signal actuator mounted on column.  Auburn Dash. (see below)

200+hp, 258 cid Ford Flathead with polished ports, DeLong racing camshaft, entire rotating assembly balanced (incl.crankshaft), light weight aluminum flywheel and Don Orosco’s Ardun OHV cylinder heads topped with original S.C.O.T supercharger and 2 Stromberg 97 carburetors. Engine also fitted with original Thickstun air cleaner, Vertex magneto and Hildebrandt oil filter

Transmission: 1939 Ford “top loader” 3 speed gearbox with Lincoln Zephyr close-ratio first and second gear cluster.
FRONT- Chromed “dropped and drilled” front axle with tubular shock absorbers
REAR- Custom made transverse leaf spring and tubular shock absorbers 
FRONT- Kinmont  “Safe Stop” early “clutch style” hydraulic disk brakes.
REAR- Late 1950’s  Ford hydraulic drum brakes. Late 1950’s  Ford hydraulic drum brakes.
Rear End: Late 1950’s Ford “plug-in” axles and Halibrand quick-change rear end with 3.48:1 and 4.11:1 gears
Steering: 1948-52 Ford F1 truck steering box
FRONT- 5.60 x 15 Firestone tires on 1940-1948 Ford wheels. 1947-1948 Ford hubcaps and rings
REAR- 8.20 x 15 Firestone tires with 1940-1948 Ford wheels. 1947-1948 Ford hubcaps and rings

Period Speed Equipment: Ardun OHV cylinder heads, S.C.O.T supercharger, Stromberg 97 carburetors, Thickstun air cleaner,  Hildebrandt oil filter, Vertex magneto, Kinmont “Safe-Stop” disk brakes, Halibrand quick-change, Guide 682-C headlights, Auburn dash with 120mph speedometer and separate Stewart Warner 8000 tachometer.

History: The remarkable 63 year history of this Ford Roadster dates back to December 30, 1948, when it was purchased from John Brooke Moheen Jr. by John Easton of Oakland.  Easton reportedly “hot rodded” the car in the 1950’s but, in the 1960’s completely disassembled the roadster, storing it for years in an enclosed space under his home in Oakland Hills.  On May 5 1973, Easton sold the Roadster to Bruce Olson. Known as “Deuce Bruce”, Olson worked with “Goodguy” Gary Meadors writing technical articles and features for publications such as Hot Rod, Rod & Custom, and Street Rodder.  Bruce Olson passed away in 1990 with his plans for the Roadster unfinished. In September 1991, well-known hot-rodder and speed equipment collector Mike Russell of Aptos, California, purchased the car from the Olson estate. Russell finished the build using many rare and original parts, then drove the car for a time before selling it to Kirk F. White, who then sold it in November 1993 to Glenn Mounger of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

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