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Country of Manufacture:
Vin #: 160GT-7S-3
Model Type: 2 Door Coupe
Body Designer: Fissore (Trevor Fiore)
Engine: BMW in-line 4 cylinder. Highly modified to 1991cc with forged pistons, heavy duty connecting rods, head fitted with racing camshaft, light alloy flywheel and racing clutch. Dry sump lubrication. Developed by Nerus Engineering in conjunction with BMW.
Horsepower: 185 bhp at 7200 rpm in standard tune. This particular car has been further modified to deliver 198 bhp.
Torque: 156 lb at 5000 rpm in standard tune
Transmission: Hewland 5-Speed
Front- Independent, unequal length wishbones. Armstrong adjustable coil springs, and damper units
Rear- Independent, unequal length wishbones, parallel trailing arms, Armstrong adjustable coil springs and damper units
Front- 10 inch Girling discs
Rear- 10 Inch Girling discs
Top Speed: 160 mph

History: The Elva BMW GT160 debuted at the 1964 Turin Motor Show. The GT160 is essentially a GT coupe version (designed and built by Fissore) of the highly successful Elva 7S racecar. The engine was a joint development involving Alex Von Falkenhausen of BMW and Frank Webb of Nerus Engineering. A unique design feature is the extendable radiator grills mounted just ahead of the rear wheel arches.

Originally intended as a production street car, the GT160 never entered series production due to the finished cost being more than double what was considered a viable price at the time. A total of 3 cars were built. Chassis #1 is presently owned and raced by Bruce McCaw, Chassis #2 was never fully completed by the factory but was eventually fitted with a Buick 215 motor (later changed to a Rover V8 derivative) and is owned and raced in the East by Randolph Lenz. This car, the third car built is the only car to have remained faithful to the original body specifications and still possesses its original, unmodified body. The other two have been extensively altered for racing purposes. This car was totally restored in 1994 by Roger Dunbar of Elva Racing Components of the UK.

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