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BMW 507 (Series II)

Country of Manufacture: Germany     Vin #: 70128
Model Type: 2 Door Convertible
Body Designer: Count Albrecht Goertz
Engine: Aluminum V8 (3168cc)
Horsepower: 165 bhp at 5800 rpm
Torque: 173 lbs at 5000rpm
Transmission: 4-speed gearbox
Front- Independent, upper and lower wishbones, adjustable torsion rods, telescopic shock absorbers, stabilizer bar
Rear- Independent, adjustable torsion rods, and telescopic shock absorbers
Front- Alfin drums
Rear- Alfin drums
Top Speed: 137 mph

History: The 507 prototype was first displayed at the 1955 Frankfurt Auto Show. The aluminum body was fitted to a shortened (by 14 inches) 502 sedan chassis using 502 brakes and suspension. Production of hand built customer cars did not begin until 1957. The 507 was built in 2 series. The first series had a different dashboard and the fuel tank was mounted immediately behind the driver. This fuel tank was covered over with additional bodywork that left little room for seat adjustment. There were 3 different engine configurations over the life of the car. Series I cars had 140 bhp, while Series II cars were mostly 150 bhp versions although a few cars came with the 165 bhp "Sportsmotor" engine.

Production: Due to the fact that the 507 was hand made and consequently extremely expensive to build, only 252 examples including prototypes were produced between 1955 and 1959. It is believed that BMW lost money on every car built. There were 43 Series 1 and 209 Series II cars made. This particular car comes with rare factory build information stating it came with its original 165 bhp "Sportsmotor", removable hardtop, tonneau cover and optional Rudge wheels. Prior to its purchase in 2000, this car resided in New Jersey with one owner from new. It is one of the lowest mileage 507’s in existence with just 27, 000 original miles showing.

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